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Check out our frequently asked questions below.  If you still have quetions after reviewing this page, please call 904.246.4386.


What time are you open?


The haunted houses open at Dusk on select nights.  Click HERE to view our operating schedule.


How much does it cost?


Ticket prices begin at $27.99.  Click HERE for admission information, pricing and ticket options.


Are there discounts for children, students or the military?


No, all tickets are the same price.


Do you have to pay to get into Adventure Landing to go to the Haunt Nights attractions?


No, admission to Adventure Landing is FREE, as always.  However, you do have to pay for attractions at Adventure Landing if you decide to play.  The only required purchase is an admission ticket to the individual Haunt Nights attractions.


Do you charge for parking?


No, parking is FREE.


Is there an age limit for Haunt Nights?

No, but due to the graphic nature and intensity, it is not recommended for small children.  The haunted house attractions are not intended for ages 12 and under or for the weak of heart.


Is the waiting area inside?

For Descent, Containment and Pinehurst Asylum, each attraction and waiting area is located outside at Shipwreck Island Waterpark. The waiting area for Containment and Pinehurst Asylum is underneath a tent.  Apocalypse 3D is an indoor 3D attraction and the waiting area is located inside as well.


How long does it take to go through?

The time varies greatly depending on the night and time that you choose to attend.  We try our best to find a balance between wait time and scare time, so that you will be able to experience both a short line and a long haunt!


Is Haunt Nights handicap accessible?

Our inside haunt, Apocalypse 3D, is completely handicap accessible.


Is there security?

On most busy nights there are police officers or uniformed security at the event.


Can we be denied access to Haunt Nights?

Yes.  We reserve the right to admit anyone into the haunted houses.  We will not allow foul language, obscene behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, etc.  Please use your best judgment regarding appropriate behavior.  We also do not recommend going to the haunted house if you are pregnant.  No outside food or beverages allowed.


Can we take photos inside your haunted houses?

No, photography and video recordings are not permitted.  There may be exceptions for pre-arranged media, but permission must be given prior to admittance into the haunt.


Will the actors touch us, or can we touch the actors?

No, the monsters will not touch you.  Incidental, unintentional contact may occur.  There is a zero tolerance policy regarding guests touching the actors, and anyone who violates this policy will be immediately escorted from the premises and assault charges may be pressed.


Can I get a refund if I decide not to go through the haunted houses?

No, there are no refunds once you've purchased tickets.  All purchases are final.  If extenuating circumstances should arise, a request for a refund must be approved by park management at their sole discretion.


Are group discounts available?

Yes, we offer great discounted rates for groups of 10 or more.  Call 904.246.4386 or email to make a group reservation.


I want to do a story on your haunted house, who do I talk to?

You can reach Natalie Dunlap at or Lisa Frint at for media and press inquiries.

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